Your No-Nonsense Guide to Property Investment

The Your No-Nonsense Guide to Property Investment has been created by property investment company Aspen Woolf. It is for first time investors and investors who are thinking about investing in property but don’t know where to start.

This guide covers property investment in three sectors:

• Residential property
• Commercial property
• Student housing property

Your No-Nonsense Guide to Property Investment is a clear, detailed and easily digestible source of information for potential investors, including links and sources for further information.


This guide starts with a simple Introduction to Property Investment, including clearly stated facts and figures sourced from various official channels.
The top 10 reasons to invest in property offers an at-a-glance introduction to the reasons for investing money in property. The risks of investing in property are also covered, to give balanced advice to those new to investing in property.

Finance options

The guide explains different financing options for property investment, including an in-depth look at buy-to-let mortgages, indirect property investments and legal investment structures.
Information is provided for both investing in commercial and residential property.


Reasons for diversification of property portfolios are examined. Depending on your investment goals, Aspen Woolf lays out why diversification could make sense for you.

Property development

For investors who are looking to invest in property, the guide sets out the basic information needed. Aspen Woolf talks about the benefits of investing in property development, how it works and what investors need to do. The guide also talks about investing in off plan property, including the risks and likely returns.

Tax implications

The different tax implications of different investment models, ranging from a straightforward buy-to-let mortgage to investing in a property fund, is examined. The aim is to clearly outline the likely taxation on different forms of property investment.

Student accommodation

There is a separate section for those considering investing in student accommodation, with information on Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).
At the end of the guide is a glossary explaining common terms used throughout, and a list of sources.
While the aim of this guide is to provide a definitive account of the top-level of information new and existing investors need to know, we recommend that you contact Aspen Woolf for an in-depth discussion.

Aspen Woolf is an award-winning property investment company, specialising in identifying property investment opportunities for all levels of investors from around the world.